SEPA & Banking

On popular demand we once more present CiviBanking and CiviSEPA. These modules aim to remove the costly dependency of external service providers for two different aspects of financial processing in CiviCRM.

CiviSEPA enables CiviCRM to handle and process the free-of-charge European direct debit system (SEPA). We present and demonstrate the module, and discuss current development, improvements, and challenges.

CiviBanking aims at automatic or semi-automatic processing of financial information from bank statements. Even though the setup and configuration is often laborious, the potential savings in terms of work hours are enormous - and they grow with your organisation's size.

Björn Endres (Systopia)
Session Date and Time: 
Thursday, May 26, 2016 -
10:00 to 10:45
Session type: 
Conference Room (3rd)