We do CiviCRM. In all flavours. Using our common sense. Advise, consult, implement, configure, functional support. But also customization and data migration. And our helpdesk supports our customers on a daily basis. There is even a hint of CiviCRM in our coffee!

CiviCooP is a co-operative organizations with CiviCRM experts (self-employed) as members. Some of our members have CiviCRM experience since 2009, and experience with implementing software systems that are used by the entire organization since 1990. CiviCooP knows about CiviCRM. We do project management, implementation support, customization, functional consultancy and training. We bring our CiviCRM and ICT experience to the table to work together with our customers to achieve a their project and longer term goals.

CiviCooP is and will remain a CiviCRM partner and active contributors to the community. We do this by sharing our work, help solve bugs, write blog post, answering questions on StackExchange, working on translation and documentation, organizing meetups and sponsoring events. Also by being a gold sponsor for this CiviCon and taking part in the organization!

Find out more about us at or check us out on the CiviCRM expert listing:

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Why we're sponsoring : 

We are sponsoring because we believe in the CiviCRM community. CiviCon is a great event for all in the somewhat local CiviCRM ecosystem to meet, exchange stories and experiences and inspire each other. We are proud to assist in making that happen!